Term of Use

  1. No direct Linking. Please upload all images onto your own image hosting.
  2. You must link back to Rebirth if you use anything on the site.
  3. Do not claim these graphics as your own, as well as redistribute anything on Rebirth else where.

Icons: Icons are not to be altered in any way, shape, or form, and require a link back if used.

Icon Bases: Icon bases are allowed to be altered, but you cannot redistribute them, and a link back is required.

Layouts: Do not alter the layouts in any way, nor redistribute from your site. You may not download them just for the coding, and do not edit the link back to ReBirth on the layout.

PNGs/Renders: You may use the PNGs to make your own graphics, but you may not redistribute them and a link back to ReBirth is required.

Wallpapers: Wallpapers are for your desktop only, do not edit them to make icons, layouts, or any other sort of graphic.


I would like to say I do not own any of the art I use for graphics, nor do I own any art on this site unless otherwise stated. All other material is (c) ReBirth. Layouts, icons, etc are not meant to infringe any copyrights; they are simply here for enjoyment. Please respect the site and my efforts by not stealing and/or claiming anything as your own.


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